Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Who are those figures by the bench in Central Park?

Ever walked through Central Park and wanted to know what the three figures are in the middle by the bench? Given it's the location of the Harold Hill Festival we thought it worth sharing the background to them.

If you looked closely you might have spotted by the plaque on the bench. If you haven't then the three figures are Henry VIII, Dick Bouchard and Harry Ecclestone.The reasoning behind these three figures can be found by downloading a leaflet at

The short reasons are as follows:

Henry VIII - said to have hunted in local area

Harry Eccleston - lived in Harold Hill and  designed first fully pictorial banknote in 1978

Dick Bouchard - founded Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps in 1957

The bench and plaques were commissioned by Sustrans due to the cycle path that runs through the park.

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