Thursday, 14 March 2013

Meet the Partners: London Borough of Havering

One of the most important partners for the Harold Hill Festival is the London Borough of Havering. A number of their services help make the festival possible. These include:

Parks - by allowing us to use Central Park, Harold Hill.

Homes and Housing - storage of equipment, logistical support and staff support on the day

Regeneration - promotion on website and newsletter, provision of funding and staff time from the Harold Hill Ambitions programme to support the festival

Community Engagement - support for the committee, networking advice and support with marketing

Events and Communications - advice on event organisation, health and safety, licencing as well as promotion support

myplace - help with recording event and due to put on activities at this year's event

There will in additional be a range of other council staff who support the Harold Hill Festival. We are grateful for the support we receive as a committee from them and look forward to working with the council in future.

To find out more about the council see London Borough of Havering

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