Monday, 8 July 2013

A Special Thankyou To An Amazing Committee and a Wonderful Community

After just over year supporting the Harold Hill Festival Committee in paid role and then as a volunteer i'm going to take the liberty of writing a personal blog post.

Firstly, i'd like to say how amazing the Festival Committee are. They are local people to Harold Hill who are passionate about letting the world know how fantastic Harold Hill is. They put in their efforts to give local people something to look forward to, celebrate all those who contribute to the community and always want to offer people the opportunity to get involved as much as they want to. And those who volunteered alongside committee members went the extra mile to ensure everyone had an amazing day.

I've looked after the social media function of the group and they always tell me i've done a good job. In response I always says nobody is interested in social media unless its about something they want to hear about. It's the local relationships they've built, the fantastic events they put on and the people who've been a part of them that encourage people to Like them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter. Or read this blog. In the past few months I've handed over the social media to a new volunteer Dermid who knows what he's doing and will be a real asset to the group.

Finally, i'd like to say the Harold Hill Festival is amazing because of the way the committee have persuaded so many local organisations to take part in it and promote the day. This includes the council, businesses, schools, youth centre, dance groups, food bank, community groups, churches, volunteer centre and even local political parties support it too. And the people of Harold Hill i've always found are warm and welcoming. They really helped make it  a fantastic day. I hope to come back and visit a future festival because they'll always be a piece of my heart in Harold Hill.

Thanks to you all. Simon

PS If you want to get involved in future festivals email the committee on

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