Friday, 1 February 2013

Meet the Partners: Volunteer Centre Havering

Volunteer Centre Havering (run by HAVCO) is a Harold Hill Festival partner. Their role is to help the festival recruit volunteers, help manage them on the day and work with us to ensure proper guidance is in place.

So what does the Volunteer Centre Havering do?

They are the volunteer development agency for the London Borough of Havering. They aim to increase the number of volunteers and volunteering opportunities in Havering and to ensure a quality experience for volunteers as well as volunteer involving organisations. The centre performs the following 6 core functions:

Brokerage Service - recruiting and matching individuals interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities

Promotion and Marketing of volunteer opportunities

Good practice development - provide free and independent information, advice and training to volunteers, prospective volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.

Developing volunteer opportunities

Policy response and campaigning - such as during Volunteers Week and Make a Difference Day

Strategic Development of Volunteering - working with partners

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