Thursday, 21 February 2013

Why does the Harold Hill Festival have a blog?

The Harold Hill Festival has a blog because the Festival Committee think it is important for them to keep local people informed about what is happening with the Harold Hill Festival and get involved.

We know that the families that attend the Harold Hill Festival love attending the annual festival in Central Park because they enjoy the mix of on-stage entertainment, fun activities, stalls with different things to buy or information about whats going on and the chance to come together as one local community. These things don't start or end at the festival itself. All the people and organisations involved keep doing things all year round to benefit Harold Hill and to prepare for the Festival itself. And we will share with you a bit more about what those organisations involved in the Harold Hill Festival do for the rest of the year.

Over the past months since the blog has been active we have had more stall enquiries, more requests to appear on stage, groups wanting to put on activities and people interested in what is happening in the local area. The blog is the key cog in the engine but it links in to our website where people can sign-up to be involved and to our social media accounts.

Given that we only now starting to get close to the Festival with just over four months to go I would expect more and more people to be reading this blog for the first time. If you are a new or old reader then I would encourage you to leave your comments on blog posts as it helps keep us informed on what people are things.

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