Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Be a part of it!

The Harold Hill Festival are always open to new people joining the Festival Committee. In
addition we always welcome people who want to do a stall or activity along to our monthly
meetings. The dates, times and venue for our meetings is below. We do ask that you email
us first if you can so that we know numbers and can set up the meeting area appropriately.
Our email address is

Dates of Next meetings :

Tuesday’s  6.30pm to 8.30pm St Georges Community Centre ( Partners meetings are same
location but from 4 to 6pm)

5th Feb 2013 – Committee
5th Mar 2013 – Committee
9th Apr 2013 - Committee and Partners
7th May 2013 – Committee  (TBC)
4th June 2013 – Committee
18th June 2013 - Committee and Partners
2th July 2013 – Committee
6th July 2013 -  Saturday Festival day at Central Park

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